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Operating System Support for Intel FPGA Complete Design Suite

Information about OS Support for Intel FPGA Complete Design Suite is available on the Operating System Support page of the Intel FPGA website. Related Information, please refer to Operating System Support.

Minimum Disk Space for Intel FPGA Software Version 21.4

Disk space requirement varies depending on device families installed. When installing combined files (tar), you need to additionally allocate disk space for the size of the tar files prior to installation.

Software Minimum Disk Space
Quartus Prime Pro Edition 20-140 GB
Quartus Prime Standard Edition 15-37 GB
Quartus Prime Lite Edition 14 GB
Stand-Alone Programmer 3.3 GB
Intel FPGA SDK for OpenCL 2 GB
Intel SoC FPGA Embedded Development Suite 8 GB
Intel Advanced Link Analyzer 9 GB

Intel recommends that your system be configured to provide virtual memory equal to the recommended physical RAM that is required to process your design.

Recommended Physical RAM for Intel Devices 21.4
Family Recommended Physical RAM
Arria 10 18-48 GB
V GZ 8-16 GB
V 6-16 GB
II GZ 4-8 GB
II GX 1.5-6 GB
Cyclone 10 GX 18 GB
10 LP 512 MB - 1.5 GB
V 6-8 GB
IV GX 512 MB - 2 GB
IV E 512 MB - 1.5 GB
MAX 10 512 MB - 2 GB
V 512 MB
II 512 MB
Stratix 10 32-64 GB
V 8-28 GB
IV 2-12 GB
Agilex AGFA012 64 GB
AGFB012 64 GB
AGFA014 64 GB
AGFA014-R0 64 GB
AGFB014 64 GB
AGFB014-R0 64 GB
AGFA022 72 GB
AGFB022 72 GB
AGFA027 72 GB
AGFB027 72 GB
The Quartus Prime software version 21.4 supports the following EDA tools.
Synthesis Tools Version NativeLink
Pro Standard
Mentor Graphics Precision 2018.1 (1) -
Synopsys® Synplify, Synplify Pro, and Synplify Premier O-2018.09-SP1 (2) -

Simulation Tools Version NativeLink
Pro Standard Pro Standard
Aldec Active-HDL 12.0
(Windows 64-bit only)
- -
Aldec Riviera-PRO 2021.04
(64-bit only)
- -
Cadence Xcelium* Parallel Simulator 20.09.012
(64-bit Linux only)
- -
Siemens EDA ModelSim® SE 2021.3
(64-bit only)
- -
Siemens EDA QuestaSim® 2021.3
(64-bit only)
- -
Questa Intel FPGA Edition 2021.3
(64-bit only)
- -
Synopsys VCS and VCS MX R-2020.12-SP1-1
(64-bit Linux only)
- -

The DSP Builder software version 21.4 supports the following EDA tools.
Tools Version
Pro Standard